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Natural beauty is one of the sources of inspiration of spiritual life and a necessary framework of the needs of recreation, made even more essential by humanity’s increasingly mechanized existence; conservation and rehabilitation of wild animals are of vital importance to all nations, and a responsible person primarily concerned with the furthering of this aims will be of value to humanity.

Keep it Wild believes that a good wildlife caring person should be responsible, conscientious, and dedicated, and should continuously work toward improving the quality of care given to wild animals and should strive to achieve standards of animal care through knowledge and understanding of the field and environment, but most important should acknowledge his limitations and request when needed the assistance of a veterinarian or other trained professional.

The person that care about conservation and rehabilitation should place wild animal care above personal gain, and should sharing skills and knowledge in the spirit of cooperation for the welfare of the animals keeping in mind that releasable animals should be realise to the wild as soon as appropriate.

A wildlife volunteer should encourage public support, education and training to promote responsible concern for conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife and should conduct his important role in nature with integrity and commitment realizing that his working for the future conservation of the living world.

This programme was initiated in 1963, the primary aim being the protection...>>click here to read more